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So, you’re interested in opening a store and selling on the award winning pureplay online etailer in the UK,  Then keep reading..

What is Think of as an online department store where every business listed is a concession stand showcasing their products for you to buy. Why not be part of it? Its Free to join, you’ve absolutely nothing to lose..

You can either open your own store or we can sell on your behalf under our own name.. If you choose to open a store we’d be more than happy to create your entire store for you from start to finish.


**Coming Soon** Order fulfilment. We are looking at suitable premises in order to make this happen. We will not buy stock in, however we will fulfil any orders that come in from the website on your behalf. If this is something of interest to you, please contact us. There will be no charge to stock items etc.


Here’s a few reasons to sign up:

  • No set-up / No sign up charges / No monthly charges – its 100% FREE to join!
  • Just 7% Commission on any product sold
  • No other charges – ever for anything!
  • We even pay the Credit Card charges!
  • Own store page (
  • Fully customise your own store page to promote via social media
  • Sell Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited images per product
  • Any delivery options you want to add to each product
  • Unlimited worded description
  • Unlimited secondary description
  • Unlimited keywords / tags etc
  • Option to have a video instead of a featured image
  • CSV Files accepted to upload large number of products (please contact us)
  • Add a video to your product description
  • Each Product can be added to any number of categories on the site and there are over 500 Categories! (if the category isn’t there, we’ll create it for you!)
  • Full inventory service available (In stock etc)
  • Unlimited variations of products can be created
  • Cross / Upsell other products on each product page
  • Add SKU’s to match your own
  • Add a note to send to the customer on purchasing your product
  • Customer Reviews for each product
  • Customers have a “WishList” option if product is out of stock and 1-click to send them an email when back in stock with link to product
  • Chance to have your product on the Featured Product list on the homepage
  • Need a Coupon / Discount code? Its Free to have set up – just ask, we create, you promote!
  • Promotion on Twitter 2/3 times a day – 5 Days a week, Facebook, Pintrest, Google+ and Instagram
  • Payment of goods now available by Direct Bank Transfer – A first for a company like ours.


How it Works:

Customer Orders Product > You get confirmation of Order / Payment (so do we) > You ship product asap > We pay you 93% of value of order (7-10 days later*)

We do not take commission on delivery costs – you receive 100% of delivery charge. We only take commission on product(s) sold.

This and more, for FREE, you just pay 7% commission when and only when a product is sold, we’ll even help set up your store – just ask!!


All we ask
All we ask is that you’re a UK Business with a product to sell.. its that easy!


Some of the Name Already Selling on
BuddyTag – Child Safety
Chillipeeps – Award winning Babies Teats and Spouts
Frogglez UK – Children’s Googles from Double Commonwealth and Olympic Champion Chris Cook
LootyBag – Handmade Children’s Swimming Bags
Nova Harley – Luxury Designer Babies Changing Bags
Rotaire Dryline – As seen on Dragon’s Den!

and many many more!!!


Simply fill in the form below, and we’ll be in touch ASAP!


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*Bank Details, we will contact you once your account has been checked and set up to collect your bank details where your funds will be transferred too.


*Why 7-10 days for payment to reach you? This is in case of a refund, to prevent fraud and in case of disputes.